Brian Bayport

About Brian


Some Basic Facts

Brian preparing to fly

•  I have never worked for the CIA in any capacity. Honest.

•  I have worked as a photographer and videographer for Fortune 500 companies (they made the fortune, I got the 500).

•  I spent four years in Naval Aviation, hunting—and finding—Russian missile submarines in the North Atlantic.

•  Much of my pre-author career was spent writing content and designing computer-based training for students, pilots, and medical personnel.

•  My books, and this website, are my own creations. No artificial intelligence application was used to create or modify any element of my creative works, including idea creation, draft and final text, cover design, and graphics. A few images are purchased stock photos.

Questions and Answers

Readers and reporters can learn about how I write in this informative (and quotable) Q and A Session

Contact Me

•  The pizza place in my neighborhood has a great slogan: “If you like the food, tell your friends; if you don't, tell us.”

•  If you like the Danner books, tell your friends. Better yet, take a few minutes to write a review—help others find a book you enjoyed.

•  SIf you have a comment or would like to set up an interview or personal appearance, contact me at I can also supply high-resolution author and book cover images.