Brian Bayport

Major Characters

Interesting characters are the glue that holds a novel together. Here's a sampling of the diverse and colorful cast of the Danner novels.



Mathew "Matt" Danner works for the CIA's Office of Technical Service as an Image Capture Specialist. Matt joined the CIA after the Navy and was happy taking pictures, until the Petrograd operation changed everything. Matt survived the operation and refused a promotion to operations officer. Now the CIA sends him to "routine photographic assignments" that turn out to be seriously dangerous.

Thomas "Gooch" Yamaguchi is Matt's best friend and working partner. Gooch postponed medical school to "have fun" at the CIA. He's a language specialist, an important team member for the Pyongyang and Pearl Harbor operations.

Inga Nilsen is a gifted, but somewhat mysterious, operations officer. Matt met Inga during the Petrograd operation and worked under her in Pyongyang. Danner thinks he's in love, but Inga may be using him.

Elmore "Oops" Dawkins is Matt's weapons and parachute instructor. His profanity masks a fine mind and a wealth of experience. Find out how he got his nickname in book one.

Lucy Cobb pretends to be a ditzy trainee during Matt's tourist submarine training in Oahu. In fact, she's a vital resource as Danner struggles to find terrorists hiding on Oahu.

Abby is Danner's operations officer and bodyguard for the Bermuda phase of The Pearl Harbor Pictures. Abby is a Vassar grad who speaks Swahili and usually works Africa. In Bermuda, she plays a Jamaican tourist, Danner's prim executive assistant, and a sexy beach girl.

Zharkov is a Russian assassin known as "The Siberian Ghost." Zarkov met Danner in Oslo and he's been trying to kill Matt ever since.



Find these, and many more entertaining characters, in the Danner novels.