Brian Bayport

A Series That Takes You to Dangerous Places

Petrograd Pictures cover

CIA photographer Matt Danner is on vacation when he takes pictures of a Russian merchant ship, the Petrograd.

Back home, Matt barely escapes when his car explodes in the mall parking lot. Someone is trying to protect the Petrograd’s deadly secret.

Instead of hiding him, the agency trains Danner for an important and dangerous operation: skydive from an aircraft in Norwegian airspace, open a wing type parachute, and fly over the nearby Russian border to photograph the Petrograd’s secret base.

This is a new challenge for Matt, one that could lead to an important promotion—or death.

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Pyongyang Pictures cover

Matt Danner is going to North Korea with his friend Tom Yamaguchi. The two will pose as a video crew shooting a musical performance for the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.

Of course, Matt’s video camera is not standard issue. Special circuitry allows it to scan an area and construct a 3D model that includes security measures and hidden electronics. Someone at the CIA wants to know all about Kim Jong-un’s protective measures, in case…

The second objective is to gather data on the new Musudan 2 missile, the one designed to nuke Los Angeles. Kim Jong-un will stage a big celebration for his Independence Day, including a parade with Musudan 2 missiles and their control vans. The night before the parade, Yamaguchi will pose as a Korean to sneak into a van and plant high-tech bugs.

As usual, the CIA’s elaborate plan encounters real-world problems, and Matt and Gooch are caught in the middle of the action.

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Pearl Harbor Pictures cover

Danner and Yamaguchi are in for another challenging operation, this one in Hawaii. A major economic conference , the G7, will be held on Ford Island, in Pearl Harbor. The world’s top financial experts could be a target for terrorism, and the president is coming in Air Force One.

The CIA suits think someone may try use a tourist submarine to attack the G7 conference, so they send techs to photograph sub passengers, hoping to identify potential attackers.

Days before the big conference, 48 terrorists sneak into Oahu. With the security forces unable to find the hidden fighters, it's up to Danner and Gooch to prevent another Pearl Harbor attack.

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